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Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving

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앱 설명

Are you bored of racing your cars on a racing track with other fast cars? if yes then there is a unique race of chained cars, this race is not about who is the fasted but it is which driver can drive the car while not letting the chain which is connected to both cars break off. It is unique concept of car racing, drive your fast car in the racing rush track but keeping in mind other car is also connected to you via chain and hold on the race pedal of car while getting to the finish line of racing track of race track, from your sports car more than what chains length then chain will broke off and both cars will explode which will makes you lose the race and simulation and level of game.
You need to be a stunt driver in order to win the racing of chained cars, race pedals are not the only key factors in this Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving game of chains but breaks and controls of car are also more important, chained driving are there to race your cars on to just drive carefully to avoid car accidents, in this game distance between chained cars is not the only factor which needs to be taken care off but also if cars collide with each other race of cars is off and they will catch fire. While driving chained cars offroad chain sports car dangerous stunts with sports.
It is very exciting game of racing full of adventure and fun, keeping an eye on other car all the time while jumping off on race tracks makes this concept of chained cars more fun. Since it takes so long to get to the truly cool bits every single time its hill mountain climb 4x4 SUV 3D car racing, and is the car racing restless car simulator players ought to most likely stay away in car driving stunts 3D freestyle fun. Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving game has different levels each level with different obstacles from which drivers need to be careful while driving on race tracks, levels will unlock once you clear the previous level, there is much more in this game of chain racing what can be explained just play this Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving game and check for yourself what it contains in the package of fun and joy of tracks. Most likely the best thing about real illegal speed traffic cars racer, past its basic pickup and play nature, is the way. Many Automobiles and save the vehicles from hitting with other traffic for example buses, truck, moto bikes, cycles and cars. Accomplish the missions successfully in drag chain fast car simulator. Get yourself ready for crazy bike traffic racing chase 2017 on your luxury bike stunt drive & parking or on your monster truck.
Game has pair of cars connected to each other, select the type of cars you like to clear levels with, chain is connected at the end of both cars, one car is yours whose steering and race pedals are under your control, super chains are connected on challenging vehicles, ramps and cons for obstacles are there on race turbo tracks. The hill side of car driving becoming master 3D here since each auto keep running of police Russian car racing adventure begins players at the absolute car simulator starting point, Break the chain. Xtreme sports highway car legend chained car driving is pretty fun diversion.
Realistic car physics and reality base environment makes this game of chain cars more exciting than ever, sharp your skills of driving with other car attached to your car and handling the drive accordingly impossible. Background music of game makes it more fun to drive, it is a easy game to play but difficult to become a expert in this simulation game, it needs practice and attention to details. Ride on these tracks is a bit rough in order to make Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving game more than any other chained car game you have played. The real pirate chain bus driving is here for fun that since every car run of the chain breaker is starting players exhaust at the very beginning. Driving car is now futuristic.

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