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Flip Skate Stuntman

퍼블리셔: Top Tap Games
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앱 설명

Dudes and dudettes, get ready for the ultimate Skating Party!
Hop on a RAD skateboard of your choice and grab onto the nose, because this will be a bumpy ride. Execute insane stunts in an urban rooftop environment. Hit the Ollie button, do a 180 with the Kickflip button, or perform 360 Flips! The longer you hold, the longer the jump and speed intake. Perfect your carving skills by riding around the arena, and adjust your speed accordingly. Use an INSANE ramp to perform indy tricks. Use the rail for scraping tricks like a Grind. Soar through the air and earn more points to become the illest skater around!
The 3D graphics of the luminous New York City make for a trendy, cool environment for skating. Choose your skater outfit to look rad while you ride. Each level is action-packed and employs realistic skating physics that give an authentic skateboarding experience. Enjoy the THRILL of popping, carving, and flipping!
Don't be a poser. Can you become a skating PRO to hang with the crew?!

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