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앱 설명

Discover Games with Streaming and play all our +320 PC & Mobile compatible games catalog
With one monthly fee your can play all games, create multiple profil for your saved game for everyone in the familly !
Install and turn your TV into a full access gaming console !
Action, Adventure, Arcade, Brain, &, Puzzle, Racing, Role, Playing, Simulation, Sports, will find them all
With your Blacknut account you will be able to :
★ Play +320 Premium PC games on your Fire TV
★ Play games with no downloads or updates, just clic and play with Streaming technology
★ Get access to Premium PC games without a computer : Farming Simulator 19, WRC7, Lord of Fallen, Ryse : Son of Rome, Tennis World Tour are only some of the games you can play
How ?
★ Download our app
★ Create an account and your plan from $12.99/month (cancel anytime, no commitments.)
★ "Clic & play" : just select your game to play instantly (no download, no install, no waiting)
Best if you connect your .
Blacknut is one of the pioneers for playing video games on multiple devices, with Cloud Gaming technology ! Blacknut application delivers the best "Clic & Play" experience anywhere, anytime.
Get the free app and sign up for our Blacknut membership to instantly enjoy more than +320 great video games. You can play games in Blacknut catalog on your Amazon Fire TV, PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), but also use your account on Android devices (Mobile, Tablet, Android TV). and your personal computer.
More details?
• Blacknut subscription gives you access to unlimited video games for one low monthly price from $12.99/month.
• No complex hardware required. Play video games instantly on an expanding list of supported devices.
• With Blacknut app you can instantly play as many games as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can browse a growing handpicked selection of hundreds of game titles, and new games that are added weekly.
• Save your favorite game titles and tell us what you like so Blacknut can help suggest the best titles for you.
• Start playing on one connected screen, and resume playing on another.
Check out for all the TVs, tablets, phones, set top boxes on which you can play Blacknut games.

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