Homeopathic Miasma Analysis

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What is in a Name?
It is a universal truth that everything is evolving including our knowledge about this cosmos and the forces active in this universe. Earlier human had a different concept about this universe. Then the human race gained knowledge through many phases. There was a time when people thought that an atom could not be divided. That is how the atom got its name - meaning indivisible. Today we all know that the atom is divisible and we produce energy through fission in a nuclear reactor. However, the name atom has been retained.
What is Miasm?
Similarly centuries ago it was believed that Miasm was some form of obnoxious toxic form of gas that arose from bad soil. It was the result of some hidden toxicity. This concept also got into medicine.
Miasm in Homeopathy
However, as our quest for knowledge accelerated, this concept - like atom - underwent tremendous changes. It was brought into Homeopathy by Hahnemann who classified it into three groups. The first group he called Psora. The second group he called Syphilis and the third one was Sycosis.
Why Miasm?
This was the prevalent trend at that time too. Consider that the deaths attributed to cancer were only 3% compared to over 40% today in the western world. On the other hand, only 1% of the people were actually recovering from syphilis. Furthermore, common itch and other skin diseases were common due to the absence of antibiotics and other suppressants.
Evolution with Time
We all know that things evolve with time. The same is with diseases. Today we see that high caloric foods and lack of proper exercise can lead to different problems. Similarly the advancements in technology which were incorporated into conventional medicines have modified the nature of diseases. Though we do not frequently confront infectious diseases we do see other degenerative diseases on the rise. How can we classify these modern diseases in the light of miasmatic background without losing our historic concept?
Psora Miasm?
Psora was initially considered as a general itch. If we look into the its depth we find that it was general reaction on the peripheral level of our body; a guard reacting at the outpost of its system. With all organs intact, it was the natural defense against any enemy. The second line of defense were organs and tissues beneath the skin. These were tonsils and other glands. It was a natural chain of defenses to safeguard our bodies which evolved for many million of years. With the invention of modern synthetic drugs, which effect and exhaust the vital organs, the nature of psora has changed too. Today it is the general reaction of the body weighted with existing functionality of the organs.
Syphilis Miasm?
It is natural for any living body to react to any internal or external stimuli. That is how organs evolve and how we develop resistance. If our living bodies had been left in a natural environment that evolved with the same pace that we did then it is possible to withstand disease threats. However, the truth is that eating refined foods have exhausted our vital organs such as the pancreas and thyroid. Modern day stress has exhausted our adrenal gland. Synthetic and modified foods have given us fats that are hard to metabolize. Today we can consider syphilis as a phenomena that is a decay process in our system.
Syphilis Miasm – Examples
It is the decay or the deficiency process in a body. The classical example is an ulcer in which the part of an organ or tissue decays. The modern examples are hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, hypotension, lethargy, depression, etc. The falling of hair and decay of nails is also classified as syphilitic miasm. Similarly, cold extremities are the manifestation of syphilis miasm.
Sycosis Miasm?
It is the uncontrolled buildup in the system. The system loses it vital ability to keep a check on its domain. A simple mole or a wart is the classical example of sycosis miasm. In modern lifestyle, the examples are hyperglycemia,

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