VR Chat Spider Simulator

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앱 설명

As a joke, take part in a heated discussion with virtual interlocutors!
Become a master of negotiations, earning the most points!
Improve your speaking skills, be an interesting interlocutor!
Discover the game characters in the costumes of spiders, each of which has a unique appearance.
Unlock all the heroes represented, becoming a master of diplomacy!
A variety of options for the development of dialogue will create an atmosphere of intense negotiations.
VR technology will allow you to observe what is happening from the side, creating the maximum immersion in the playing space.
Beautiful 3D graphics will please the player with its detail.
Improve your negotiation skills!
Be in the middle of events with VR Chat Spider Simulator
Bright design will give a lot of positive emotions!
Charge a good mood and give it to others!
Share the app with your friends, have fun together!
Share impressions in the comments.
Play with us!

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