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Real City Car Driving Race 2018

퍼블리셔: +923105017521
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Real City Car Driving Race 2018:
Drag race through the nitro type stunts tracks with smash car. The top best raceing game car in the universe is finally launched with features of high performance racing rivals, suspension, hot wheels, action, fast speed, tires and acceleration. Drift the real real car in your city of conquer street and open sky in fast and very furious endless car racing mix of car driving simulator and high-octane racing. It is not the motor cycle or motor bike game, you didn’t relate it with truck loading or parking game.
Every day you see a dream about how to drive a racing car? All childhood play with toy cars, and know by heart how they work, but never managed a real car? As soon as you get right, the parents promised to buy you a car? Then the game Real City Car Driving Race 2018 is especially for you! With its help you enjoy a racing car for real. Download the game, choose your favorite car and start racing in city. Do not forget to slow down at corners and crosswalks — safety first! Turn on the turn signals, the signals are violators of traffic rules, you admire the surrounding countryside. Feel the cool self-control car. Brag to friends and parents, how much progress you have achieved in driving.
Real City Car Driving Race 2018 is brand-new best racing games for boys; those are the craze fans of simulater driving games or car driving games. This is completely free racing games which also can be play as offline games.
Now get ready to install the most fun city car 3d driving games.
City car is a race car driving game. In this gmae you can enjoy the fast car racer games, busty traffic rider simulator racing, fast car driver extreme car driving, real driving 3d car traffic racer and all games of car driving games or car receing games. There are many auto scarro cars 2 are waiting for you in this gamee. This is the completely freegames, enjoy the new cars racing games. Drive car in the rush city of games and enjoy such a beautiful game.
You can enjoy the car stunt gam either using the steering wheel or tilt control.
There are many maps available for your car games experience also offering the different modes for the smashing games. Do you want to go fast and have no limits? Now you can, drive from a garage full of powerful racing cars on the most extreme stunts in the world! Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your racing car in our all new extreme driver's paradise!
Design your motor car with a variety of rim modifications, multiple decals, change the color of the machine with your desired colors. Also, you can add the spoiler if you like. With these features you can create your own designed dream car. Prove the drifting skills in you by pass close through to the other vehicle and objects and get maximum coins. Control the steering right now and enjoy the racing games for free.
Features of Real City Car Driving Race 2018:
• Extreme car physics and environment
• 3 control options, tilt, steering or arrow keys
• Different camera angles including interior view
• High quality stunning 3D graphics
• Many challenging levels
• Amazing sound system
• Realistic traffic simulation
• Traffic lights
This is a free games on play store. Your good feedback really matters for us. Do rate us good. We welcome your thoughts and ideas to improve this game. Tell us your wishes for new features and comments about the game.

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