Hammer Man : Sonic Fighter 2018

퍼블리셔: Top Tap Games
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앱 설명

To safe the civilians Hammer man came to town...
Run, Roll, Find & kill your foes, safe people and stay alive.
Hammer Man : Sonic Fighter 2018 is the super hero action game in which you fight for justice, getting over cruel clans and bring peace to town. Hammer man vs mafia battle has just begun for the sake of justice with grand hammer fighting league. Evils are spread in every section of town & teasing innocent civilians by using their powers. Use your super powers which include spin attack, laser attack and many more with handy hammer to finish them. Who needs a gun when you have this!
This action simulator is full of thrill and fight. Control your ghastly hammer man with his handy hammer. Take down all mafia & gangster in town with your ultimate super powers. Now you can experience the ultra-addictive and mega fun filled arcade game on your android mobile devices!
Be victorious & safe the town!

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