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Pink Magic Tiles 2018 Piano Edition

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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Welcome to the Newest magic tiles 5 pink Game, the Classic inFamous and Amazing Game-Piano Tiles Pink 2018 !
Pink Magic Tiles 5 is one of the most popular piano games that has more than 17 million players across the globe.
A specially made piano games for young ladies, it is a Pink Piano Tiles Piano games for girls.
Become a real pianist now! And catch up the trend with this new games of 2018 right now!
With this Magic Pink Tiles 4 game, even a child can play Piano classical songs like a real piano master.
No special skills needed, all this magic pink piano game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!
It’s Easy to play for all ages.
Piano Pink Tiles 2018 is the BEST & FREE Piano game on 2018
**How To Play Pink Piano Tiles 2018**:
Don't touch any other tiles than Black Tiles, enjoy the music that You're choosing
Game Features :
* Many Bonus Challenging Game
* Colorful Piano Pink tiles with more than 120 levels & Music Collections
* multi color and background piano tiles games
* magic tiles pink is an interactive colorful game
* awesome sound available in pink magic piano
* Bonus Gift & Achievement Unlock
Piano Pink Magic Tiles also have most popular Classic Piano Game :
Classic Piano Pink Tiles : In classic mode you have to tap the black tiles as fast as you can or the time given
Arcade Piano Pink Tiles: In Arcade mode, Don't leave any black tile behind, you have to tap on all the black tiles (Don't tap withe tiles)
Zen Piano Tiles : For Zen level you have to tap as fast as u can in limited time period
and Many More!

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