Matemáticas 456 FULL VERSION Learn Math in Spanish

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앱 설명

Immerse yourself in an underwater adventure where your little one will learn or revise mathematical skills while playing with Grin and his underwater friends for boys and girls:
- numbers: identify and trace them
- counting
- geometry
- logical series
- operations: adding and substracting
- coins
- telling time: the clock and the hours
- mental calculation
Each child is unique, that is why we have created an application full of different games and activities with many levels to adapt it to each child. A safe environment for your children where they can practice different skills according to their age.
Two ways to play:
Simply choose the content to work and you will see all the levels spread in incremental order of difficulty on that task. Each bubble has an old icon as a reference.
Select the age of your child and in that menu appears diverse content appropriate to the age.
We believe that a well understood early stimulation is always useful for all and, especially, in children with special educational needs. Stimulating is not "pressing". If an activity does not interest, we should not force.
For any further questions or problems, contact us:
Twitter: @educaplanet_es

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