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Infinity (Fire TV Edition)

퍼블리셔: RTI S.p.A.
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Over 7000 movies and TV programs available on all the devices you use in your everyday life like your Kindle FIRE, at only €7.99.
SIGN UP NOW on and you will have a trial period of 30 days at €0
Experience all the excitement of the cinema with the most innovative streaming service in Italy. Over 6000 movies available on all devices you use in your everyday life: PS3 and PS4, Xbox, tablets, connected TVs , enabled decoders, PC or Mac and smartphones.
Infinity only costs 7.99 per month and offers a rich catalog : thousands of movies ranked according to your preferences, recent movies , thrillers , dramas , comedies or love films. You will have the widest possible choice based on your passions.
The strength of Infinity is the quality of the service, the best way to understand it is to try it . We offer a trial period of 30 days in which you can see at €0 all of our contents and you can already rent premiere movies as well. Every month you can decide whether to stay with us or not: just one click.

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