Subway Pets Surfers - Endless run adventure game

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앱 설명

Subway Pets Surfers is one of the most challenging subway surf games, but it's the most fun game overall.
Subway Pets Surfers is an escape game where your pets try to make their way through the enemies and collect items that you can use to complete the missions, to buy new accessories and themes in the store and to get the highest score to get your name in the leaderboard.
Subway Pets Surfers is an endless running game and you have to be the best minion during the cat run.
This amazing adventure which comes with fun and amazing gameplay is easy to play, all you have to do to control the cat runner is to :
- Swipe left to slide to the left side
- Swipe right to slide to the right side
- Swipe forward to jump
- Swipe backward to scroll
You can collect power ups items during this subway game such as a magnet to easily pick up the fishbones, a double score item, a star to protect you against the obstacles...
By the way, everybody can play Subway Pets Surfers as it's a family game : kids, teenagers, young people and old ones. It's for boys/girls and men/women.
Subway surfers games are so addictive and are considered as the best time killing games. You can't stop running :)

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