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dream Player TV for TVheadend

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앱 설명

Use your Fire TV as IP-Client for your TVheadend receiver.
- Watch SD and HD channels
- Play recorded movies
- Timeline with full EPG history (depending on the EPG data on your receiver)
- Add and remove timers
- Use picons/channel logos
- Display subtitles, choose video/audio track
- Change aspect ratio
- External player support
- Zap channels in Live TV mode (click right or left on your remote to zap to the next/previous channel)
- Quick forward and rewind in movie mode (lclick right or left on your remote to skip 1 minute, click ENTER and fast forware to skip 5 minutes)
- Perfect in companion with the app dream Player for TVheadend: Setup and control your Android TV using your smartphone
- TVheadend compatible receiver (Wetek, Raspberry Pi and others)
- Fire TV 1 (Works perfect, except HEVC/DVB-T2)
- Fire TV Stick (Works if Wifi is good, except HEVC/DVB-T2)
- Fire TV Stick 2 mit Alexa (Not fully supported, some channels cannot be decoded at full speed)
- Fire TV 4K (Works perfect including HEVC/DVB-T2, network cable recommended) [recommended]
- Fire TV 4K with Alexa (10/2017) (Works perfect including HEVC/DVB-T2) [recommended]
Important: This version is restricted to 5 channels for each bouquet and 5 movies for each folder. You can use In-App-Purchase to buy the unlimited premium version. Users of dream Player for TVheadend Premium are able to stream every channel from the app, no premium version is needed.
If you have further questions or feature requests, please contact me at

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