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앱 설명

The app to the Zebra workbook language class 2 by Klett for the primary school.
The exercises on spelling and grammar are conceptually based on the Zebra learning materials, but can also be used independently of the textbook.
The children can independently discover structures of the German language in ten basic exercise types on the basis of over 1000 tasks at their own learning speed. The most important component is getting to know and using the Zebra - strategies for spelling, these are a further development of the well-known Fresch - strategies of the Freiburg Spelling School.
The focus in class 2 is on:
marking kings (which means the vowels in a word)
swinging syllables
listening, swinging and writing
the endings-el, -er, -en
forming words from syllables
distinguishing between short and long vowels
two consonants and double consonants after short vowel
part of speech nouns / name-words
articles / companions
singular and plural
beginning of sentence
type of sentence
swinging nouns further
part of speech adjectives
swinging adjectives further
part of speech verbs
basic and personal verbs
swinging verbs further
composed nouns
recognizing word stem
root word and ending
prefixes and Suffixes
derivation of words with ä/e
derivation of words with äu/eu
The following features are included:
- explanatory videos explain the strategies for correct writing according to basic school requirements
- clear arrangement of exercises on a learning path
- independent learning possible
- motivation by collecting stars and trophies
- detailed evaluation for teachers and parents as a basis for support
- always accessible assistance
advertising-free and without in-app purchases
Zebra German Class 2 continues the successful series of GIGA Maus winners " Zebra-Schreibtabelle " and " Zebra Lesen 1 und 2".
So nothing stands in the way of joyfully learning and practice. To get to know the Zebra textbook better, visit Zebra Franz and his team at

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