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Deutsch 3 mit Zebra

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앱 설명

Newly published: The app for the workbook language class 3 of the well-known and widely used primary school textbook Zebra by Klett.
Conceptually, the exercises on spelling and grammar are based on the Zebra learning materials, but can also be used independently of the textbook. The most important grammatical topics of the subject German class 3 are presented in detail in explanatory videos.
The children can independently discover structures of the German language at their own learning pace in a variety of exercise types using numerous exercises. They will find exercises on nouns, verbs, adjectives, sentences and correct spelling. Each time you complete the exercises, new tasks are available, since no fixed task packs are stored.
The main focuses in class 3 are:
Recognizing nouns
Nouns for feelings and thoughts
Singular and plural
Marking prefixes and suffixes
Root word
Recognizing verbs
Basic form - Personal form
Special verbs
Word fields
Past tense
Past Perfect
Comparative steps
Opposite adjectives
Adjectives with -ig and -lich
Senctence types
Direct speech
Subject and predicate
Local and temporal regulations
Writing difficult words
The following features are included:
- Explanatory videos explain the necessary basics according to the basic school curriculum
- Clear arrangement of exercises on a learning path
- Independent learning possible
- Motivation by collecting stars and trophies
- Always accessible assistance
- Detailed evaluation for teachers and parents as a basis for Support
Advertising-free and without in-app purchases
So nothing stands in the way of joyful learning and practicing. To get to know the Zebra text book better, visit Zebra Franz and his team at

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