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Ambulance Rescue Missions Police Car Driving Games

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앱 설명

Welcome to the amazing 911 Ambulance Rescue Missions Police Car Driving Game, which has multiple accident rescue missions to help others. You are the emergency ambulance driver controller along with police car driver and police bike racing hero. When you get an emergency alert, use your emergency kit and provide help for victims in a 911 operator game of the police car games and ambulance rescue simulator in the police Bike Rescue Ambulance driver 911 emergency game. Car accident, natural disaster, health problem, auto accident, train and bus accident, truck accident and pedestrian accident are some of accident missions in this amazing police driving simulator and accident ambulance game.
Rescue people who are always in a hurry and now you will be very careful to drive your ambulance and police car with the police bike. There are different kind of rescue vehicles in this rescue ambulance first aid: 3d driving game. This ambulance games and police driving games play is offering the ambulance rescue services and police support services to the injured or needy people. Drive carefully in the ambulance simulator of 3d ambulance games and provide them first aid if needed. Our mobile rescue simulator: ambulance rescue game of the Police Car Driving of the Motorbike Riding is the in best rescue games 2018 category.
Driving a police car, a police bike and an ambulance can be very tricky. In order to be an amazing driver, you have to drive fast uphill and downhill to rescue mission in ambulance 3d game and police car driving games. As an emergency driver and emergency operator of ambulance service in police bike city simulator of the bike ambulance game & rescue duty game you have to do what matters most. Save lives and provide emergency service in bike ambulance game! Reach instantly in emergency place and treat the patients in your ambulance give them 1st AD with the help of your ambulance free doctor. Do not be the crazy driver of your ambulance, you have to save lives.
You are an emergency ambulance rescue driver and police car driver along with police motor bike riding expert. Drive multiple vehicles like a Hummer or Quad Bike to complete your ambulance helicopter rescue missions. And you are provided with different rescue missions to serve humanity. You are the best ambulance driver and the fast police car drifting king of 2018. Fulfill your rescue duty service in your areas. Use your 3d ambulance to help and alarming city people. Be in contact with people, doctors, nurses and emerging institutions. Chase and race your vehicle through city traffic and watch outside vehicles and injured people.
In addition to your rescue missions, you are also required to catch criminals and perform your cop duty. Drive fast in the Police Car Chase as a Cop Simulator to Find and arrest criminal drivers who are injuring people through their rush driving. You are the owner of top of the line police grade cars and police motorbikes. Drive them on the streets and in the offroad hills using your police radio, blast the police car sirens, and pursue the criminal in the all-new police car driving action game!
Be part of the action in the latest police driving game and the new ambulance rescue mission games as it brings you closer to the realistic rescue services duty. A massive open world for the best police driving simulator game experience! Drive, drift, crash, chase, and arrest criminals around a huge detailed open city with real police cars and cop motorbikes!

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