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US Police Chase Car Race and Shoot Simulator 2018

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앱 설명

US Miami police of police car chasing games are looking help of US police car of police operation games. Crime City Police Driver officer to catch prison bank break robbery and join police squad of US police simulator and police car games. The smooth and easy controller of the best car driving 2018 games and enjoy police shooting car chase game. Time has come to drive in the criminal city car and control US crime. US Police cops of police car racing are waiting for you to join hand to hand and become a functional officer of police officer games. The city police sniper is a strong department to enforce the law and this opportunity of police chase car simulator allows the police crime to search and grab mafia members of criminal city games. Join to enhance your powerful sniper squad skills of cops police and rule the city of cop simulator 18.
In this police wali game, there is a many easy and difficult mission in front of you, you have to face and stop this grand city bank robbery in the city. Chase the popular city mafia gang robbers in streets of crime city. Your Heavy car midnight duty as a chasing chore police game officer is to keep the city highways mountain sniper game a safe place by driving the most wanted criminals and street robbers of city Vegas. During in the chasing mission, drive a police heavy duty car at high speed Like GTR racing and make sharp turns on city roads and mountain off-road. Most wanted mafia gangsters and city robbers of Vegas will try to outrun from your police car. Speed up your car hot pursuit police chase car in endless off-road mountain highway and shoot the criminals. Go fast, hit the criminal cars and break the speed limit in this chore and police game.
Cop chase training is necessary for every officer of car police and essential part of cops driving training. Crime is spreading very fast and city people need a driving car of cop games. This cops car will be responsible for all criminal chase car and restore the title of the city cop. Start your career as city chase policeman and arrest criminals of police crime simulator. Criminals are on loose and roaming in the city freely. All the law enforcing departments have badly failed in controlling the crime of police fighting games. Engage in cops chase to catch the most dangerous criminals of city and gang leaders of cops city. City crime has all kind of crimes of Miami crime games. Dare to be part of US police cop simulator: crime city police game and control the criminal activities in the city.
Game Features:
• Collection of awesome cop cars.
• A chance to control the criminal activities.
• Many missions and levels to attack mafia.
• Realistic car driving and racing controls.
• Real car chasing animations and controls.
• Get the robbers and arrest them.
• Pull over the speeding cars and give tickets.
• Bring the crime rate to zero in the city.

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