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Dog vs Cat Survival Fight Game

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앱 설명

Welcome to the classic dog vs cat fighting game with unique cat survival challenges. Save the life of cutest animal with amazing home cat simulator 2017. Classic fight is still on between the cutest animals of the world and the highly envy wild fighters. Cat vs dog fight simulator is one of its own kind with real life city game where cats family are afraid of wild dogs ruling the streets and are escaping in real home cat survival missions. Dogs on the other hand are on duty to catch all the cats in deserted city streets looking for their prey.
Get real experience of both sides of the story. Play as a dog with hunting mission and then enjoy the cat escape from aggressive barking dogs. Play as an inoffensive kitten, dodge the aggressive dogs, run around city to save your life. Escape the cruel dogs that can hunt you down and tear you apart. Enjoy the challenging small cat survival challenge and protect the curious fidgety animal from cruel predators’ attacks.
Game has two modes; Cat escape mode and dog chase mode. In dog gameplay, race fast as a competitive cute dog & chase cats. You have got all the training as a police dog and now you are working as racing dog at pet cat house. Chase the cats running in the city and don’t let them escape easily. Hunt down the little cat family, go around sniffing and complete the missions. Become the champion dog of most amazing dog racing challenge 2017. Be the super speedy and fastest race dog all cats fear off. Unleash your super chasing and catching cat skills as wild hound dog. Become the king of animal city streets with the amazing animal fighting simulation game.

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