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Welcome to Romance Club, a collection of visual stories for girls, where you make choices as you play.
Current stories include:
* Sails in the Fog - Love, pirates, and adventures meet together in a sweeping romantic tale.
Your life changes dramatically when you are forced to marry a Spanish nobleman. Helped by a group of rogue pirates, you must restore the honor of the family, take revenge on the offenders, and find a way to stop a mysterious Aztec curse that is about to plunge the entire world into darkness and chaos.
* Moonborn - Do you believe in vampires and werewolves? You better start doing it.
Can you save thousands of people from certain death and find the balance between Light and Darkness as you unravel the mystery of the prophecy of the "Moonborn"? This story will appeal to fans of sexy urban fantasy.
...PLUS more new stories and chapters coming soon!
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Your Story Interactive is an independent game development studio located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Stories are our passion and storytelling is what we do. Our sims are free! If you like love stories, visual novels, or cute guys, you'll love our games!

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