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Diamond Charms

퍼블리셔: Blue Finger Games
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

The thundering echoes of far away explosions bounce off the castle walls. The smell of fire from burnt down homes and fields lingers in the air. King Bleu Charm's heart pounds in fear as his armies retreat closer and closer to the castle grounds, for he knows the end of his reign is near. His Kingdom will fall. In one last desperate act of survival, he orders his royal court to hide his entire treasure of Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Gems, Jewels, and other precious stones just in case he manages to escape his almost certain end. The Royal Court obeys King Charms and hastily runs to hide this most magnificent treasure. But where should they hide them? They'll have to hide them all over the kingdom! King Charms has kept a diary of all the hiding places but it's written in his own secret code. You'll have to decipher his diaries to put together the clues to find the hidden diamonds. Can you find all his of precious diamonds and jewels? Keep an eye out for the clues, they will pop up where you'd least expect!
Join this classic match three puzzle adventure for the game adventure of a lifetime! Magical color changing scenery keeps you mesmerized for hours of addictive play. Blast through levels at super speed with lot's of free coins to win. Crush all the layers of the diamond obstacles with the super bomb, or melt through them with the fire torcher! A huge variety of game objectives makes for hours of addictive play. Drop the charms to the bottom, collect jewels, break through diamond obstacles, or blast the chains off the most precious gems. This game is jam packed with hundreds of unique levels and eye-popping color explosions at every move.
• Match 3 royal gems to pop them out of the puzzle board, and drop a big blast of color with every match of three!
• Match 4 royal gems to make a magic blast!
• Match 5 royal gems game tiles to make a magic rainbow diamond.
• Crush the diamonds to get them out of the way.
• Make a match under the chains to remove them.
• Drop the royal charms to the bottom.
• Jam to awesome music while you play!
Can you take the diamonds and gems from the King and his Royal Court? You'll have to be clever to figure out his diaries, but we know you can do it! Join the saga, YOU can be their hero! So drop what you're doing and join the Diamond Charms adventure! You'll have a blast, literally! How could we possibly jam this much fun and into one match three game? It's easy, we don't toy around with gaming. New levels added often, so toon into the updates to stay current! This game is kid safe! Diamond Charms contains no gambling, slot machines, or casino type games.
So what will you do with all those diamonds once you find them? You could keep them all for yourself, or you could be a hero and give them to the poor, but we'll leave that up to you.

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