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Mutant Helicopter Flying Sim

퍼블리셔: Tekbash
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Do you like action games and fanatic of helicopter flying simulator games? Then be ready for this ultimate helicopter-fighting thriller. Mutant games always motivate game lovers with their unique concepts. So this time around mutant concept blended with army helicopter fighting games will take you to the peak of futuristic games. Be victorious to fight with future enemies and win the grandiose prizes in form of coins. Mutant fighting games enhance your passion and give you the contingency to make a record. Be a mutant hero and take the helicopter simulator flight in this MUTANT HELICOPTER FLYING SIM, the king of flying helicopter games.
Flying helicopter simulator with shooting aspect is the dominant factor of this game. Flying helicopter fighters are classified as gunship & chopper. Fasten your seatbelt and operate this helicopter shooter to demolish the other war robots and air warriors like fighting air jets, gunship helicopters, which make this game different than other helicopter fighting games and helicopter shooting games. You have a special power to convert your helicopter into mutant fighter helicopter in case of extreme strike and danger. Mutant helicopter has a greater attacking power and strike and can demolish every thing. This real mutant power is a new futuristic concept and makes this game pioneer in other futuristic flying games.
To start the mission, you need to start up chopper first from the home base and fly towards the enemy strike area and target the enemies who are threat to the city. Helicopter can shoot all enemies either in the air like airplane jets or fighter helicopters or on the roads in form of robots. When you are in the deep trouble you can switch on mutant mood and convert into gigantic fighter gunship helicopter with extreme super powers to demolish any thing. This is a unique feature of this game, which makes it distinct from other helicopter flying games and helicopter war games. Enemies can simultaneously attack from both sides through air & from the earth. The enemies are very dangerous but you are well-experienced chopper striker. To protect your helicopter from death zone you need to sustain your power. Your progressively attack to the enemies will help to slash the power of attacker and gives you extra points. You need to use your helicopter shooting skills to attack on the invader.
This Flying helicopter simulator is one of the best in flying simulator games with highly challenging missions and guaranteed to give your futuristic flying experience. You can upgrade your contending practice with helicopter war games. Don’t go astray and use your outstanding helicopter fighting proficiency to invade your enemies and their attacks. So as a mutant hero and fighting helicopter pilot! Are you ready to secure your city from attackers and defeat them with astounding power? Then download this MUTANT HELICOPTER FLYING SIM the supreme in mutant fighting games.

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