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Superheroes Epic Battle Simulator

퍼블리셔: Tekbash
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Is your city under assault? Let’s fight to become a mighty mutant superhero and kill all dark forces. This is an action packed game where these superheroes are set to do fight with one another. This neck breaking game takes you in the war city where robots or superheroes fight till death. The unique superheroes battle gives you the thrill of surprise attacks, heavy gunfire and epic warfare against monsters. You will love to play with once you start playing this futuristic game. The greatest battle in the war history in now in your hands. Get prepared for epic action fighting with your favorite monster hero or supervillains in this game, never seen in any other superheroes games and super hero battle fighting games. Start the mortal fight and stay on the battlefield as long as you can. This is the battle between robots and monster heroes which make you really excited. If you’re an admirer of monster superheroes war games, robot games and hero battle games, then must like this impressive conflict between multiple heroes. Enjoy this futuristic monster battle and experience the gigantic shooting of modern warfare shooters.
Get ready to play the toughest heroes fighting game with the best robot simulator ever. The ultimate gameplay of this marvelous game brings out your defensive and survival multi combat skills. Start a future superhero war against futuristic robots and martians. Your rivals are trying to destroy your city. You as an incredible superhero need to stop these depraved activities. Start fighting till your last breath and demolish all your opponents to become a monster superhero. Ten exhilarating challenges are waiting for you. Each level has a specific mission. You need to diminish all hurdles coming in your way and become the king of the city. Superheroes always served the city with its tremendous mutant super powers. Find your opponents and slay them. Start fighting till the end where your enemy no longer able to stand and win the monster hero city battle. Take control on your hero and use its unique capabilities of fly, kick, flying kick, jump and punch. Accomplish your mission in a minimum time and get points as reward.
Are you ready for the clash against offenders in this superhero fight game? Let’s take part in the superhero final battle.Now you need to finish the immortal battle and become a true incredible superhero against shooters in the hero battle simulator. Become a legendary fighter and encounter the enemies attack. Prepare your fists for fighting in this great fighting game simulator. Protect your city from your opponents and become the savior of humanity. Play and defeat your rivals in this monster hero game, a summation of all superhero shooting games and superhero games. Start a super fight for the victory, the king of all superheroes fighting games.

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