US Army Sniper FPS Shooter - Modern Military Commando

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앱 설명

US Army Sniper FPS Shooter once again planning a secret mission in remote desert location. His target is to take down all the terrorists who are planning an assault against US army base camp.
Officer’s first duty is to go quietly and find the bad guys. Be careful because “zero civilian casualty” is the order from Pentagon, the US army headquarters. Now take control of the area by killing all the terrorists one by one. Since you are the best sniper shooter in US army Trained camp, he will make sure that all the terrorists are killed.
This is Bravo’s many missions in which sniper enemies are his biggest threat and now his elite sniper training will be tested. The goal is simple, wipe out terrorists and trained militia groups. Load your sniper rifle gun, be a Brave commando sniper shooter and destroy all enemies before they attack innocent citizens.
To achieve this goal, fps shooter will transform himself into a lone army survivor whose mission is to come out only as victorious by taking down enemies and its war bases. As the total destruction of terrorist safe heavens will ensure the safety of the world.

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