Magic 3D Pen Simulator

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앱 설명

Magic 3D Pen Simulator
Magic 3D Handle Simulator - try a new kind of drawing!
Create images of unique 3D pen!
Draw three-dimensional pictures and get experience points!
Discover new devices and more complex images!
Do the first steps in 3d modeling!
Share the results with your friends, the surprise of your loved ones!
Impressed all around with new features of your phone!
The game features a large selection of images for 3D drawing!
- Draw a complex volumetric geometric figure!
- Draw a popular 3D spinner!
- Create a model aircraft or rocket!
- Draw 3D images of cats!
This and much more is waiting for you in this simulator!
3D pens are gaining popularity among young people!
Its characteristics allow creating amazing 3D images!
In the real device instead of ink, plastic is used, which softens when heated!
This allows you to layer by layer, layer by layer, creating volume objects!
When cooling, the plastic hardens, keeping the shape of the depicted object!
By the same principle works this simulator!
Master the basics of 3d modeling!
Attention! The application is a 3D handle simulator!
Created exclusively for the sake of jokes and entertainment!
Leave your comments and ratings!
Play with us!

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