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앱 설명

English Club TV is a unique educational channel for those who want to learn and improve their English. Watching English Club TV 15 minutes a day will teach viewers 2000 new words and 100 grammar structures in a year.
For the best watching and learning experience our viewing schedule is based on 3 educational blocks:
- Block A is for beginners and elementary learners
- Block B is for intermediate and upper-intermediate viewers
- Block C is for advanced learners and English teachers
To keep a balance between LEISURE & STUDY, there are also entertaining TV shows and movies with subtitles and pre-teaching sections. Also, we have developed a specialized Business English block and a 40-minute block of programmes for the little ones – Kids zone.
Every day more than 30 000 000 subscribers of more than 400 operators watch English Club TV in 100 countries around the world. Watch English Club TV now to learn and love the English language!

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