Crazy Kids Dentist Simulator: Fun Adventure

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앱 설명

Going to the crazy dentist is something that many crazy kids don’t like to do, but to have a nice clean smile visiting dentist office is a must. Crazy kids dentist simulator adventure is a dentist clinic where you can experience being a crazy kids surgeon doctor in hospital full of crazy doctors, cure crazy kids or use all your skills to perform the adventure surgery ever in kids dentist clinic games! The injured crazy kids suffer from kinds of tooth problems like bad teeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, dental treatment & children's might need an emergency surgery & treatment in kids dentist hospital. Sterilize doctor tools and keep children dentist clinic chair prepared for tooth treatment in children dentist hospital. Enjoy the thrill & adventure of being a surgeon doctor to cure all crazy kids coming to your dentist clinic and bringing them back from trauma in children's dentist office. Make use of injection, magic potion, droppers and all the medical tools you need & perform crazy fun dental surgery fill cavities, remove plaques, whiten teeth, squirt water, brush, and much more in doctor hospital. Be careful, don’t get the bones and face skin damaged. In Crazy kids Dentist Simulator Adventure you can kill all the germs away, remove any holes that may be cracked, suck all the gum from the tooth, as well as remove and pull any rotten or cracked teeth of kids in the dental hospital surgery game.
Welcome to Crazy kids Dentist Simulator Adventure, where you have a chance to help crazy kids to prove that you are a dental doctor hospital! Gain experience to become the expert kids dentist and surgeon doctor in crazy kids dentist simulator adventure game. Help crazy kids, so they can feel better again with an amazing tooth treatment in dental office. Brush dirty teeth to kill those germs, pull out the painful tooth, fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay, apply colorful braces and apply dental surgery braces to straighten the misaligned tooth in dentist clinic. Crazy kids have a fear of visiting the dentist office. Become an ultimate professional crazy surgeon doctor to gain dental treatment learning experience in this surgery simulator game. Be the best braces surgeon doctor; enjoy tooth cleaning and tooth alignment at dentist clinic. Ask crazy kids to brush daily otherwise they will get a cavity. Do not poke the dental office equipment for adventure in children's eye, nose, ear or face. Check crazy kids dental health condition before carrying out the dental surgery simulator in dentist office. Apply stitches after you are done with the oral surgery on kids in tooth games.

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