City Train Driving Adventure Simulator

퍼블리셔: Tenlogix Games
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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Finally the wait is over for train simulator game lovers who love adventure driving in hill city!
This train driving adventure route through big buildings and the impossible tracks will give you goosebumps while driving mountain city metro train through beautiful city. You have tried many driving games like car racing, bike racing, jet flying, transporter driving, jeep driving, army transporter games 2017, truck transporter driving games and the list will go on but this train simulator game is a life time experience. The incredible euro city view and euro city train driving adventure through railway tracks would blow your hair back off. Train simulator game requires your good pickup, driving and parking skills because of heavy transporter train traffic on railway tracks, otherwise you might end up hitting other city train. So get on the adventure ride with train simulator, pickup passenger and drop them to their next subway station. What are you waiting for? Be an ultimate pickup train transporter of 2017 driving and parking simulator!
Since the time has changed, the mayor has decided to introduce bullet train too along old locomotive subway train. Old train channel in euro city has already been running but need of new fast bullet train is the need of time in new era of technology. The passenger need a fast moving transporter train to pickup and drop at the destination. You will be thrilled by driving the fast bullet train by unlocking it in later stages. Giving a sense of racing with nearby train on other tracks. Be attentive when driving the train and make sure you follow the signals because euro city passenger safety is your first priority. Being a train simulator driver, you do not want city civil causalities. Exhibit safe train driving, racing and parking skills in City Train Driving Adventure Simulator- New Train Game.
Train driving adventure does not stop here, pickup passenger from hilly mountains and drop by to next hilly station. Pickup their luggage and transport it to the euro city. Be careful while transporting people to euro subway station. The tracks can get bendy on the way up to hill station and passenger can feel the bumpy ride feelings. The train horns can divert the attention of passenger. The adventure ride of train going through the under tunnel subway with honking horns add more to city train driving adventure. So go pick up city passenger and ride to the adventure train simulator game.

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