US Military Truck Drive: Army Vehicle Driving 2018

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앱 설명

Do you want to be a real army cargo truck driver? If yes then welcome to new army truck game 2018 where you will drive military vehicles to transport military cargos such as medical kits, weapons, and foods to the army soldiers. Drive offroad army cars and jeeps on hill areas by avoiding mines and bombs that are planted on the mud tracks. The army base camp is built on dangerous mountains where soldiers and army helicopters patrolling is controlling your offroad thrilling transport mission.
As an army cargo truck driver, you need to be very careful from the army truck border patrol force. You are hired to drive UK army cargo vehicles to the battlefield in extreme war zone. Driving American soldiers with military cargos is a job a great courage. During downhill and uphill driving be aware of enemy troops, the military commandos and offroad mines can blast to destroy your USA army vehicles. Prove your extreme army bus driving skills while passing through army base check posts.
Be the super soldier to become the new army transporter by completing multiple army vehicles transporting task.

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