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Real Angry Dinosaur City Rampage Simulator - City Destruction & Dino Attack

퍼블리셔: Appitix
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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Join this real dino attack to enjoy the latest episode of dinosaur games where player enjoys dinosaur hunting and dinosaur simulation with addition of animal simulator. In addition to these, there is robot transformation of the robot games where you can destroy everything with the help of futuristic robot. The present dino robot acts like extreme tyrannosaurus rex in this dinosaur attack where player also avails the robot fighting of the transforming games. It is like the ultimate dinosaur survival campaign and you can transform it as future flying robot in this city attack in robot fights. After having many stories about the robot dinosaur, there is craze in the minds of the player to see this gigantic creature.
Enjoy much more from the dinosaur run while controlling your dinosaur hunter during the robot battle of this lately developed robot game. Be the dino hunter to attack the city in order to make it dinosaur city where your dinosaur sim is with robot transform ability. But due to the dismissing of its race, nobody is able to have this chance. This dino hunting does not only revive dinosaur in its real form for the player but it takes him in more advance state. The player has many facilities in this attack simulator of the transforming games which enable him to be the legend of this dinosaur shooting. By using this dinosaur simulator, you can act like animal simulator.
You can make your city like a dinosaur jungle by using the future transform technique of the robotautobots and the robotdino. The present game enables him to guide and control the dinosaur according to his own desires. Take a step ahead and cause city rampage with angry dinosaur which can be dinosaur robot by using the dino transform skills of the transform games 2017. It answers almost all the questions which were in the minds of the players. Take this transforming robot in the form of jurassicdino which provides you all the powers of the transform robot. To attack dinosaur is not an easy task in this animal hunting of the transform city where master dinosaur fighting full action packed. To have trex dinosaur in front of your eyes is strange but to have its control is really a novel experience for the player.
Futuristic robots
Use of latest transforms technology
Flying robots
Dinosaur in city atmosphere
Dinosaur shooting
Latest 3D graphics
Dinosaur as hunter
Player friendly controls

Take the bridles of dinosaur hunter in your hands and fight against the futuristic robots of flying robot games 2018 and tell the players of what you are capable of in this dinosaur attack simulator.

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