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앱 설명

The cumulative total of 800,000 DL series! Super evolution in 3D!
Nothing! Refreshing to breathe the bundle at once! Paid salary doubles at the budget tower puzzle!
exhilarating! Wadagawa Tower Puzzle Big Bang Passbook Grinning Game!
Everyday is an orthodox sequel of payday!
Let's enjoy a happy payday day feeling all the time!
Once you accumulate the bundle, you get all payable to your bank account as a salary!
Even just looking at his own passbook that was deposited, it is a tension MAX!
The upper limit of the receipt and payment so far is also broken! Increase payroll up to buying!
Everyday evolved in 3D "Everyday is Payday 3D!"
This feeling! Become habit! A popular shopping system!
High-priced item shopping with saved money!
Luxury cars and thoroughbreds can also bargain!
Build commercial buildings as well!
Assets purchased are asset management!
Part of asset sales will be your income as income!
Just do shopping to earn income up!
The 1000 popular gacha of popular popularity also evolved in 3D!
1000 trillion gacha that really emerges 1000 is powerful! (You can skip)
47th prefecture gacha
Country gacha to world gacha
Great universe gacha! !
From gacha of 1 million yen once, until 1 trillion yen gacha once!
Pay up with Gachakomp!
Just make shopping and play gacha Increase your income!
The more you spend money, the more you can hang
Like a dream "Everyday is Payday 3D"!
■ How to play
Just pushing your salary at the bank counter,
You will be credited directly to your account!
When your reception number arrives, you can doubles the salary paid at once by the duralumin attack!
1) Super evolution! Ultra Vacuum duralumin attack that sucks and doubles all the bundles!
Activation is slow, but suck all the wads at once!
Suction power does not change! Just one duralumin!
2) Duralumin drops down from the top as usual Duralumin attack!
Implementation is fast! Collect the wad of only the part you hit.
3) Frozen new elements Time deposit Attack!
You can freeze the stacked wads!
Once frozen it will be completely fixed! Of course you will get income even in a frozen fixed state!
By stacking → repeating fixing, so that you can pile up higher!
The more duralumin attacks are collected at a stretch,
Since the amount of money jumps up, after loading as much as possible
It is a trick to activate!
Alternately stack them in a pallet style or use freezing to create walls etc.
Depending on ingenuity, mass build-up is possible!
Using money in a saved deposit account
All items purchased and purchased high-priced products become assets,
Part of that sales can be received as income!
Since it can be received once every ten minutes, if you buy it you get more income!
From luxury cars, thoroughbreds, dome stadiums, to acquisitions! What?
Every time Gacha completes, salary increases!
For each gacha, you can compile up to 10 times.

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