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Pet World - My Animal Hospital - Dream Jobs: Vet

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앱 설명

***Manage Your Own Pet Hospital***
Show your skills! Open your veterinary clinic and help the sick animals on their road to recovery. Make your patients enjoy the stay by upgrading their rooms, decorating the corridors and setting up new treatment rooms.
***Manage Your Inventory***
Make sure that your store room never runs out of medicine, bandages and food. These things are important to keep your animals healthy. If you need some help, you can hire a few nurses and a doctor.
***Exciting Minigames***
The first examination is the most important one. It will show you your patients’ exact symptoms so you can send them to the right ward. New minigames, such as X-rays and blood tests, will help you treat your animals properly and keep them healthy.
***10+ Cute Animal Species***
Your clinic won’t just treat the cat next door, but also dogs, raccoons and foxes. In addition, you will see quite exotic specimens, such as polar bears, koalas and ocelots.
***New In-Game Campaign: Daily Bonus!***
Daily rewards will be awaiting you now! Prove your loyalty to Pet World and look after your favorite animals every day. We’ll reward you with bonus boxes that contain coins, consumables or treats. If you’re well equipped, nothing can go wrong in your clinic!
Start your career as a veterinarian right now and nurse sick animals back to full health. Your patients are already waiting!
In case of questions or issues, feel free to send us an email at
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