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앱 설명

Time to test your mind and vision! Come and enjoy the brand-new word puzzle game, Word Search Pop! The perfect choice for killing time whilst sharpening your mind! Search for the hidden words and play a tune each time you swipe across the screen! You are the master of both words and music!
In Word Search Pop there are 5000 cleverly designed puzzles! Boost your brain power through these challenging visual word tests!
HOW TO PLAY                                                                                            
- Simple and easy! Just swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally in any direction in seek of words!
- Different themes for each new level of word searching! Extremely exciting!
- Booster available when stuck! The booster HINT may give you an idea!
Are you interested? Then DOWNLOAD Word Search Pop right now to start an exciting word adventure!
If you have any suggestions or feedback on Word Search Pop, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can either send us a message in Word Search Pop,
or email us at: wordsearchpop_143_3@smartupsupport.com
Also, you can follow us on Facebook:

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