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앱 설명

This is ZAPPN, the new free TV app for Austria. With ZAPPN you can now enjoy free TV via your Amazon Fire TV / Amazon Fire TV Stick.
Stream top-channels like PULS 4, ATV, ATV 2, ProSieben Austria, SAT.1 Austria, kabel eins Austria, sixx Austria, ProSieben MAXX Austria, SAT.1 Gold Austria and kabel eins Doku austria. So you have your TV SHOWS, BLOCKBUSTER, MAGAZINE, SERIES, NEWS, SPORTHIGHLIGHTS, STARS, COMEDIANS available in an app always and everywhere. Without compulsion, contract or subscription. Be your own program director. Make yourself independent of start times and create your own broader offer according to your wishes.
Whether in the livestream or in the media library - with ZAPPN you always have the best entertainment. ACTION, COMEDY, DRAMA, INFORMATION, ENTERTAINMENT, SERVICE, TALK ... here you have the complete choice and freedom.
Download now and start ZAPPing!

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