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TekSavvy TV

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앱 설명

TekSavvy TV is HERE! With over 120 live HD channels to choose from including TSN, AMC, HBO, Cartoon Network, and Showcase you can watch your favourite series, movies, events, and games from your Amazon Fire Stick. Plus, access to on demand series and movies with hundreds of titles of choose from.
It's the TV that you know you and love, only different.... in a good way!
TekSavvy TV service is provided by TekSavvy’s affiliate, Hastings Cable Vision Ltd.
How do I get it?
- Download the TekSavvy TV app
- Go to and sign-in or create a My Account profile
- Learn more about your programming options with TekSavvy TV theme packages
- Select the packages that you want to subscribe too
- Enter your MyAccount email and password into the TekSavvy TV app to access your channels
- Watch more TV than you should but get off your sofa to use the bathroom
- TekSavvy TV service is exclusive to residential TekSavvy internet customers with a minimum download speed of 15Mbps and unlimited data in the Chatham-Kent, ON area. TekSavvy TV will not work without TekSavvy internet service
- A TekSavvy MyAccount profile
- An Amazon 4K Fire Stick
- A monthly, recurring subscription to TekSavvy Basic at $20.00 per month

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