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Wer wird Millionär? Trainingslager

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앱 설명

How much money could you take home if you were a candidate in „Who wants to be a Millionaire?“ Find out with the official App of Germany’s favorite quiz show!
▶ 15 Questions to become a virtual millionaire
The game follows the same rules as the RTL-TV-Show with Günther Jauch. Beat the competition in the fastest-finger-round and make your way to the chair in the middle, where 15 tricky questions are waiting for you. Can you answer them all correctly and win the million points?
▶ 30.000 real questions
Prove that there’s a millionaire inside you by answering the latest questions from the TV show or start a game with randomly selected questions. Or do you want to play the game of your favorite celebrity from the latest celebrity edition? The choice is up to you!
▶ Train for your big moment
Use our brand new training mode and get ready for your big moment! Train with more than 2.000 real fastest finger questions and train your dexterity with our Fastest Finger Training and become a real “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” professional!
▶ All lifelines and options
Of course you can use all of the lifelines from the show! Choose the 50:50, Ask the Audience or Call a Friend. Do you want to play the risky option for the additional lifeline? Go ahead! Test your knowledge in the Wer Wird Millionär? Trainingslager!

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