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Axel SMS

퍼블리셔: Friul Sicurezza srl
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

(Only for Axel Atlantis 32/64/160, G820, Sparkle, Axò and Axtra burglar alarm systems with GSM module)
Control your Axel burglar alarm systems via SMS quickly and intuitively without having to write messages anymore.
To start, just follow the wizard at start up, so you can immediately see all the commands to turn on and off your system remotely.
N.B .:
1. all data that will be entered in the app will be saved in the phone's memory and in no way transmitted to third parties.
2. messages sent to the burglar alarm system are automatically saved by Android and this can not be avoided, so it is advisable to regularly delete outgoing messages to the number of the burglar alarm system from the android SMS management program (usually "Messages")
3. As an alternative to point 2, it is good practice to use a password for the screen lock
as you will be inidated during the installation this app sends sms, propio to command your central.
In all cases the app sends a single SMS for each button you press.
This is not an official Axel s.r.l. application, trademarks are owned by Axel s.r.l. and used under its authorization.
Although not an application officially distributed by AXEL s.r.l. , Axel s.r.l. he is authorized to disclose it.
We accept no responsibility for damage due to use.
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