Happy Cooking : happy Chef Fever 2019 mama kitchen

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앱 설명

Happy Cooking: happy Chef Fever 2019 – the fun new cooking game!
Fry, cook, and grill your way to world-wide restaurant chef! Are you up for the challenge, Chef?
※Fun chef games are free to play
- Time Management Strategy, let every guest be happy
- Download for FREE & earn coins
※Happy Cook Anytime, Anywhere
- Offline or online time-management cooking game play
- Play Cooking cuisines when you only have a few minutes
※Play a Chef in this Fantasy & Fun restaurant cooking Game
- Tap to cook,you're a star chef
- More than 120 levels to complete
※Cook cuisines in a variety of restaurants
- A variety of cuisines: fast-food.bakery,chinesn,pizza,seafood
- Entertaining diners from all over the world
※Fun Cuisine & Kitchen Upgrades
- Cooking more cuisines with unlock new restaurants
- Unlock more cuisines
- Attract more new guests
- Manage time efficiently with kitchen upgrades
※Happy & Fantasy Cooking Game
- Delicious food from all over the world
- Attract more and more customers,let the crazy cooking begin
- Practice your cooking techniques and time-management skills
- Try all the possible kitchen appliances
※Master Chef with fantasy food paradise
- Dash through over 120 levels on three restaurants
- New levels and kitchen around the world added regularly
※Kitchen Challenges Require Strategy
- Make customers satisfied and get tip
Uninstalling games or changing mobile phones will lose your game data
Support E-mail:jwu898@163.com

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