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Candy Blast - Free Candy Jelly Match-3 Puzzle

퍼블리셔: CoBaLa
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Welcome to the paradise of candy world! Candy Blast - Free Candy Jelly Match-3 Puzzle is a FREE game.
The Candy world was filled with the sweet smell wonderful fairy tale, everything in the world is sugar made from candy, even delicious cookies on the trees. Candy Blast is a deliciously sweet candy match-3 casual game. SWAP, SWIPE and MATCH 3 or more same magic candies to master the fun of casual match-3 game. Escape to this superb Magic Candy paradise and match to sweet triumph!
The classic elimination game, the new play new game props! Sweet candy ferver is very popular with women, the elderly, children welcome. Handsome boy and beauty girl also love it!
Big fan for sweet candy puzzle game? Match and collect 3 or more candies in Candy Blast. Create sweet boosters to achieve highest score and win 3 stars with each puzzle. Join and share the fun in Candy Blast! The King of brain teasters! Do you like crush sweet and delicious candies? Do you like lovely colors?
Candy Blast - Free Candy Jelly Match-3 Puzzle Features
✿ Addictive and irresistible match-3 gameplay.
✿ Over 600 awesome levels! Updates will be continued!
✿ Kinds of tasty candies, challenge target score.
✿ Fine art, good music, smooth animation effects.
✿ Challenging but fun obstacles: Super Cake, Lollipop etc.
✿ More than 30 kinds of delicious sweet fruit sugar.
✿ Savor sweet success as you match colorful candies, solve perplexing puzzles.
✿ Leaderboard available: Play and compete with friends
✿ Easy to play interface, Just swap & match.
✿ Games you can play offline.
✿ This is a completely free game, even the props is completely free!
How to play?
• Swap and Match 3 or more candies of the same!
• Collect the candies, and complete the levels!
• To get a special candy!
• Powerful boosts (Jam Virus, Gummy Skull, Chocolate, Ice etc) help to clear obstacles!
• Achieve 3 stars to get more coins!
• Get high score with boosters!
You will fall in love with new props mode, it is also free.
What are you waiting for? Download it now and play with you friends!
and Enjoy this delicious and addictive puzzle sweet game!

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