Super Bowling 3D - Spinning Bowl

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앱 설명

If you are a fan of bowling or just target games - our Super Bowling 3D - Spinning Bowl is for you! If you like to put on these special boots, take a heavy ball and knock everything down - come and do it!
Now you can play your favourite game anytime, anywhere! Have a free time sitting in a line or visiting grandma?
No more boring games - accept our challenge and be a winner! Let the bowling tournament start. Hit the pins with one smooth strike! Can you?
You only goal is to knock down all the pins at the end of the lane. No rules this time - just you and the ball! Use arrow buttons for control. Watch your growing score and the number of shoots at the top of the screen.
No need to pack your bowling bag - just download Super Bowling 3D - Spinning Bowl and have fun!

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