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Superhero Fighting Game : Immortal Shadow War 2k19

퍼블리셔: Gladiators Studio
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Get Ready for One of the best 2019 challenging Ultra Immortal Fighting Game. Ultimate Grand Warriors Strike of legends with amazing Superheroes Costumes. Don’t forget your enemy is also a Hero. You just need to show your Superpowers of Injustice Champions. You could be a Grand Hero or a Villain in the endless Comic Battle Story. It’s not just a Street Kung Fu Fighters Legendary Reborn, but a Tag Team Fighting experience of special powers of Beasts.

Infinity Revolutionary Superheroes Vs Gods: Free offline Karate Game performs to defend their team by opponent with Amazing Fighting Styles. You must need to defeat your Brutal Enemies to be a King. Kung Fu Grand SuperSteel Hero Ring Arena Battle 2019 performs Arcade, Roleplaying and Knockout Tournament Round. Use unique Karate styles and show Flying Kicking, Rolling Stone, Spider Super kicking, and Martial Arts skills.
Enjoy futuristic game action with your favourite forces having amazing powers. City arena game includes high class graphics with a beauty of beasts. Ultimate heroes with kick boxing, punching and flying powers makes the story unrealistic and more difficult to end to give endless game experience. You select your own role whether you going to be bad or good with your handy skill set, smooth gameplay, ultra-high graphics, with bunch of animations.
Play and upgrade your skill set. Use spider web to make your enemy paralyzed. Stealth powers are unable to block and have to face rolling stone disaster. Man of water that’s king of fishes, fights for his aqua areas to restrain from fishing, to save sharks, underwater animals and plants.

>Outstanding Fighting Skills of Super Heroes.
>Amazing and Realistic Environments in the form of Stage Selection.
>Select your own Favourite Hero to fight for Revenge.
>Grand League of Infinity Battle War of Heroes.
>High Resolution Graphics and best camera angles of Fighting Arena Battle.
>Best free offline RPG Game of Futuristic Remarkable Powers.
>Use Power Skills of Amazing Combat Fighters to smash the enemies.
>Easy to control and use different Karate Combos.
>Realistic Fighting animation of best Immortal Gods.
Have fun by playing this amazing game, enjoy the realistic sounds and graphic of street fights. The most addictive game ever in all Fighting Games, Karate Games, Kungfu Games, Boxing Games etc.

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