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Shimajiro's Adventures

퍼블리셔: StoryToys
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

A new app in which the very popular Shimajiro Adventure picture book app contents can be enjoyed in one package has been released!
It is packed full of fun content: 3 very popular picture books (“Treasure Island”, “Sunshine Carnival” and “Christmas Wishes”), puzzles and sticker books.
Each book is packed with interactivity, replayable games and activities. While your child is learning to read they’re actively taking part in the story by helping Shimajiro.
- Featuring StoryToys unique 3D interactive pop-up screens, our apps have been enjoyed by millions of children around the world.
- Learn to read and increase your child’s vocabulary with Shimajiro.
- Replayable games and fun activities come with every book.
- Read to Me, Read it myself, and Autoplay modes.
- Beautiful musical scores and amazing sound effects.
- Fully narrated by professional actors.
- Language support for Japanese and English.
Children love learning with Shimajiro!

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