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Big Baller

퍼블리셔: Best Games Studio
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Land in the city battleground from the plane open your para shout and start mayhem for your survival.
This ball game is packed with many sticky balls like smiles or emoji balls, premium balls. To play with these super cool balls you have to win the best scores & coins to unlock big big balers. This big ball game is a kind of big ball of destruction. Let’s start to smash city buildings, cars, pols, trees, people & crush everything to let the ball bigger in this big ball games. You have limited time to make a ball bigger! Collect many things as much as you can.
Do you love to play big baller io games? A big speed balls is ready to crash all the things on the way. This big baller seems like the storm or tornado that is rolling in the city road. All you need is to rollin ball while hit the objects. Quickly roll over the ball & collect all things with the sticky baller.
There are also super Ufo like sky roll balls in the city. Big baller game which seems like sticky balls become big on hitting. Amazing city environment makes you addictive for this big big ballin. Let’s make the biggest baller of the ball game.

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