Police Car Drift Race

퍼블리셔: Race Storm Studio
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가격: Free

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앱 설명

Get ready to become a police car driver who can manage police prison duty and prisoner transport and race all on his own. You might have played many police car games but this police car simulator comes with its own unique gameplay. It is a combination of police transport games, army bus driving games & police van games. You will go through car driving skill test of transport bus games and job completion of police officer games. Like many police transportation games, drive the car to police headquarters and race police force staff to the required area, whether they are on off road hill stations or metropolitan city to manage jail criminals. Practice your bus parking games skill as well. You will get to enjoy a variety of police buses, police van and police truck as a police car driver in one of the best police games. If you are looking for fun police games with missions of best car games, Police Car Driving Game 3D is the right one for you. Get ready your police squad to race and win.
Classic race will pit you against other rally car racers and you must drive into first place and reach the finishing line before the other AI racers. With countdown, your police racing skills are put to the test and you must drive fast through Tokyo city streets whilst racing against the clock. In knockdown, you will have to race against other police sports cars and have to knock them off the road in order to complete the level. The drift game mode has you, the driver, performing amazing drifts around city streets in a effort to build up a high score for the drift meter. you got to prove that you have the best police squad for racing.
Race against other police cars in free amazing race track levels in octane thrill of a racing game. Making progress in Police Car Racing 3D driving simulator game is to come first in every race, or else you will have to race again. With every win, you will be rewarded with plenty of money to buy new, super fast and cool sports super cars. If you're entertained by driving super fast police cars, you will be excited to play Police Car Drift Race!

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