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Flick Football : FreeKick Soccer Games 2019

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앱 설명

Welcome to one of the best summer sports game, penalty kicks free football game the most awaiting sports is now in the palm of your hand. Fulfill your dreams of playing in the upcoming soccer league 2019. Be the captain of your football team, lead & win the infinite series of final kick shootouts as the best striker 2019 against the best soccer goalkeeper (Goalie) 2019. As the best soccer player or a football match fan, you know that each moment of a football match is full with suspense & excitement. We have developed this trending sports game to capture this moment just on the one finger swap to score a goal against the strong defense of the opposing team to be football champion of your football club. The Football coach is added to train you in soccer training game for an upcoming soccer world cup, if you are not familiar with this new free sports game 2019.
Flick Football : FreeKick Soccer Games 2019 contain multiple format to enter into the football ground with an overwhelming crowd to encourage you at your each move & penalty shot. You have challenge mode where you have an endless soccer match against the best football goalkeeper and defense wall. You have to score goals to reach the target score before the given football time out with referee whistle. At each football half time, goalkeeper football catch grip and movement is enhanced to provide you challenging game play. You have no free time. In the 2nd mode, there is Time Attack where you can get extra time by hitting time points spawned after regular intervals. Shoot football to score goal & complete target score. In the 3rd mode, the Arcade football mode is waiting for you where you are given fixed ball shots. You have to score the target score with given balls, You can get extra soccer shots by hitting football points. The 4th mode is a goal post hitting, where your target is goal post not the goal net. The 5th mode is the last kick football mode where you have only one, Last & final kick to survive through the top league soccer match.
In Flick Football : FreeKick Soccer Games 2019 all Goalies &Strikers are Invited In this new free sports game. All football champions country's uniforms are added in store to make it a pro football game. You can customize your soccer player as you want & upgrade its capabilities. Best school soccer and college football game. Women's football team 's favorite game. Click to play simple and smooth adventure football app with live sports play.

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