AirMirror Receiver Pro for Fire TV

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앱 설명

Project your Mac, iPhone or iPad screen/audio to your Fire TV. Watch movies, share photos and more. Easy to use, with an intuitive design.
To use, enable screen mirroring (airplay) in the app, make sure both devices are on the same Wifi, then connect via your Apple device. If you have any trouble at all, simply press the “How to Use This App" button to view our help guide.
* Clean design
* High quality screen casting
* Intuitive
Known Issues -
1. The app won’t mirror DRM content (this is content that is protected by digital rights management software) - what won't successfully mirror will partly depend on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad/Macbook). For example, airplaying Netflix to your Fire TV will work from your Mac, but not from your iPhone. One workaround for that is to use your phone's browser to go to Netflix, rather than using the Netflix app, and then airplaying.
2. Sometimes when you try to AirPlay from a laptop, there may be a router packet miscommunication resulting in the screen going black; simply end the AirPlay on your laptop (which will take you back to the main screen of the app on your Fire TV) and try again.
3. The first time you press "Set Service Status Running" it may take a little longer than usual.
4. There may be lag depending on your internet connection's strength. OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE WILL OCCUR AT AROUND 70-100 MBPS INTERNET SPEED.
The two best steps for trouble shooting are to try uninstalling/reinstalling the app, or restarting your Apple device.
This app was not created or endorsed by Apple or Amazon. Icon was modified from:
Wonder why this has such bad reviews? When publishing the initial version, we didn’t realize the connection was spotty with first generation fire tvs/fire tv sticks. We removed first generation compatibility in this version and are hard at work adding that compatibility in and making sure it performs well, as it does with second generation devices and later, based on our testing. It has taken longer than we expected to do so and we deeply appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to do so.
All reviews are deeply appreciated and will help us continue to improve the app.
Please email us at if you aren't satisfied with the app, run into any problems with the app / this particular update (i.e if you're having issues after upgrading), or have any other feedback to share. We are here to help and will get back within 24 hours.

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