Amazing Collections for Coloring

퍼블리셔: Coloring Games
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가격: 10.00 USD

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앱 설명

Can you imagine all of your dreams and thoughts for coloring in one application?
We are happy to introduce to you our amazing product - Amazing collections for coloring!
Inspired of ideas professional artists, painters and our loyal fans, we decided to pick it together and add that all in one unique assemblage.
If you want to kill the time or pump your talent or just like coloring this app will be excellent choice.
"Amazing collections for coloring" also contains inside - animals, cars, mandalas, flowers, nature, food, dishes and so on.
**** How to start drawing ****
- easy and intuitive control system makes coloring process simple
- tap to color and pinch to zoom on the coloring pages
- draw with color palette freely pick our favourite colour you like
- use undo-function to go 1-step back
Enjoy this application - "Amazing collections for coloring" and share your best results with friends!

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