Bibi & Tina: Reiterferien

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앱 설명

• Create your own rider and choose your outfit
• Select your dream horse and choose different races
• Discover the world of Bibi and Tina
• Feed and maintain your horses in the stable and collect treats for them
• To the Old Aak or along the Mill Brook? The next ride already waits for you.
• Collect nice photos as a memory of your great rider's holidays while riding, terrain riding and show jumping.
• Collect valuable horseshoes and extend the world all around the Martinshof.
• Help Bibi and Tina with the daily ranch work.
• Solve tricky missions and discover secret places.
• Extend your horse knowledge during the quiz with 400 questions and find out everything about horses.
• Test your knowledge about Bibi & Tina
Start your rider´s holidays now!
Our aim is to produce high-quality applications which light up children eyes and persuade parents of their value at first sight. We support and inspire children and foster their development in a fun and playful way with our apps. In developing our digital products, we pay close attention to quality and to sustained fun, but also to product security. The concept behind the «Bibi & Tina Reiterferien» app was developed and tested together with girls who are horse enthusiasts to reflect their interests and wishes optimally. The world of Bibi & Tina can be explored freely or through exciting tasks focused on the topics of friendship, love for horses, and adventures. This horse adventure is read by the original audiobook voices and will delight children from six years and up!
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