Bibi & Tina: Pferdeturnier

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앱 설명

You always wanted your own horse? Great! Here you have the possibility to select your dream horse! Choose between different manes-, tail-, fur colours and fur forms as well as saddles, halters and other horse accessories to make your horse look nicer. Your horse is hungry or has to be shoed? Collect feed and tools in two collecting games, so that your horse is always fit. Equip it with great accessories so that your horse is well prepared for the competition.
You are sure that your horse is the best one? Race with Bibi, Tina, Holger and Alex and prove it in the tournament disciplines terrain riding, show jumping and at the horse race! Three different difficulties and distances guarantee you plenty of fun.
Pass tricky tasks together with your darling and win 14 exciting audiobook chapters! Awesome: You can listen to the audiobook which has a length of 150 minutes at any time: even while riding a race with Bibi and Tina. Furthermore: You can listen every month to a free audiobook on Bibi and Tina´s Youtube channel.
Get started and download our awesome horse app now!
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