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Meet Playster: The world’s first all-in-one entertainment service, offering unlimited streaming of music, movies. Playster brings millions of premium titles together in one easy-to-use app.

Get unlimited access to millions of songs and 10,000+ movies, all in one place. Listen to today’s biggest artists and chart-topping albums, discover expertly curated playlists, create your own to share with friends, and more. You can also binge on movies, watch award-winning documentaries or discover a new favorite with Playster’s unique mood-based recommendations. All from the same app. There’s something for all tastes and ages!

Use your current Playster's account to access to our TV app Music and Movie service. However, you can register an account with our iOS app or via

Enjoy all these perks and more by downloading the Playster iOS app and starting your FREE 30-day trial today!


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