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앱 설명

TunesMap visualizes culture around your favorite music—and if you have Spotify or a Sonos system, around the currently streaming song. Explore rich media in the context of any artist and their scene. Connect the dots between your favorite music, films, art, fashion, books, and photography.

● Discover what’s going on today in the world of culture.
● Dive deep into artists, albums, and cultural scenes.
● Learn more about new subjects every day.

Now Playing (requires Spotify or a Sonos system)
● Visualize the music playing from your Spotify account or Sonos system—now including film stills for movie soundtracks.
● Browse any photos, videos, and articles that are connected to the artist you’re listening to (requires Spotify Premium).

● Add any media you discover to your collection.
● Easily find your favorite artists and media on the TunesMap TV or mobile app.

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