Words Galore!

퍼블리셔: John Blackburn
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가

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앱 설명

Play word search with your whole family. Want a quick game? Play as Beginner. More time? Try Easy, Medium, Hard, or—whoa—Expert!

25,000 WORDS IN 150 TOPICS

Singers? Check. Dogs? Check. Enjoy yourself with Knitting Circle, Baseball, Dances, Chef Tools, Cars, Battles, Family, Junk Drawer, Holidays, Huck & Friends, Kitchen Talk, Good Books, Spicy Talk and many, many more. With 150 topics, you'll even enjoy the timeless favorites Dentist, and Eat your Veggies.


200 kinds of hats? 100 ways to call something "big"? 150 musical instruments? If you don't know these now, you'll know after playing Words Galore!


Learn in a minute, play for hours with friends and family, or play by yourself.


• Classic - Find the words you see listed below. They can be found forwards and backwards, downwards and upwards, and diagonals.
• Hide & Seek - The words are hidden below. You can see how many letters in the word, but not *which* letters.
• Best Time - Play with a timer to beat your own best time.
• Beat the Clock - A countdown clock ticks while you solve. Find the words before the countdown ends.


• Colors - Bright room? Try the Light color. Dark? Try Dark.
• Theme song - An engaging sound track fills the room.
• Sounds - Orchestral sounds plink and ding as you play.
• Animations - Oh yes, plenty of gorgeous animations.

Have fun!

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